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Vanguard(Wuxi)science & Technology Co., Ltd. consists of three operation departments:
1) Mold Center: The mold center owns more than 50 mold manufacturing and processing equipments including the high speed machining center such as MITSUI grinding machines, ROEDERS/QUICK JET, etc. and the international first-rate precision equipment such as MITSUBISHI linear cutting and spark, MITUTOYO three coordinate measuring instrument, etc. and realizes the monthly R&D and manufacturing capability of 30 sets of injection mould and die casting mould.
2) Injection Molding Factory: It owns about 50 SUMITOMO, NISSEI and TOSHIBA automatic injection molding machines, HWA CHIN bicolor injection molding machines and Taiwan MULTIPLAS vertical injection molding machines, and annually produces more than 2,000tons of plastic products.
3) Die Casting Factory: It owns ten TOSHIBA and Taiwan Hing Hong aluminum-zinc die casting molding machines, die casting molding machines and various secondary processing machines including rock grinder, shot blasting machines, etc. and annually produces more than 200tons of zinc-aluminum alloy parts.