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Precision Injection

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Our company owns about fifty SUMITOMO, NISSEI and TOSHIBA automatic injection molding machines, HWA CHIN bicolor injection molding machines and Taiwan MULTIPLAS vertical injection molding machines, and annually produces more than 2,000 tons of plastic products. The mould clamping force is 50-360T and the mechanical arm realizes automatic production.
Our company owns exquisite technology in the aspects of injection molding of bicolor components, thin wall products and gear components. Our company carries out PFMEA and SPC control of injection molding and preventive maintenance of the injection molding machines and moulds, provides operators with comprehensive training, and ensures Cpk≥1.33, thereby guaranteeing product quality.
Our company owns the 100,000-level dust-free workshop equipped with assembly and production equipments including plasma treatment, automatic silk screening, ultrasonic welding, vacuum packaging, automatic code spraying, etc. The whole production process of the medical products is carried out in the dust-free environment. The professional labs can carry out biological experiments and inspection including sterility test of medical products, toxin inspection, MTT test, clone experiment, Rnase/Dnase experiment, speed of growth, etc. and ensure the international standard of the transparency, sterile level and usability of the medical products.