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Precision Die Casting

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The die casting factory has two aluminum alloy die casting machines, four zinc alloy die casting machines and one YSM MS-44Z four-slider high speed die casting machine and annually produces more than 200 tons of zinc-aluminum alloy parts. The mould clamping force is 75-200T. The workshops are equipped with secondary processing machines such as rock grinders, shot blasting machines, etc.
Our company owns rich experience and mature technology in the aspect of automobile lock core die casting mold design, die casting molding and secondary processing. Our company carries out PFMEA and SPC control of die casting molding and preventive maintenance of the die casting molding machines and moulds. Our company owns a complete set of metallographic cutting, grinding, polishing and inspection equipments and can complete the porosity inspection independently. The inspection results pass the acceptance inspection of VW and GM.
Our die casting products cover about 100 kinds of automobile parts and electronic parts including automobile lock core and sleeve, ignition lock cylinder and sleeve, connecting rod, automobile smart key turning block, button, LED lamp holder, radiating fin, safe door handle, etc. Our company can undertake secondary processing including die casting molding, grinding, shot blasting, deburring at high temperature, deburring at low temperature, electroplating, etc.